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Take 5 - Lifeskills Training

The Take 5 Programme

The Take 5 programme has been devised by NCHA to acknowledge the steps (great or small) taken by service users towards independent living. It takes the lead from the Every Child Matters green paper and draws from the headings of its agenda. These headings are: 

  • Be healthy 
  • Stay Safe 
  • Enjoy & Achieve 
  • Make A Positive Contribution 
  • Achieve Economic Well-Being

42 modules have been created that link directly into support and activities. Service users from Young Persons, Learning Difficulties, Mental Health, Registered Care, Supported Living, Floating Support, and Women's Services have these modules available to them in the projects around Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

The modules help to gather evidence of increased awareness, abilities (learned or demonstrated) or simply to provide a means to show development of someone's interest in their own hobbies and interests. Evidence can be assembled through a number of module resources and learning materials, which are provided by NCHA. With these resources, service users are supported by staff to build a picture of how they have met the learning outcomes and personal goals for each module. They have also been derived from the everyday support that staff provide in HWCS projects and can be used to create, or draw evidence from support plans. They can also be used as a method of self assessment for the Outcomes Star.

The modules have been written in a way that makes them accessible to all levels of ability. Each module is broken down into ten units, which are then placed into three levels. These have been named Foundation (3 units), Intermediate (3 units) and Proficiency (4 units).

The modules link into issues that people have to face on a daily basis and cover subjects such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping yourself safe, developing your skills, taking part in activities, and working towards becoming financially independent.

Each of the headings have a number of modules mapped into the titles and provide the opportunity for service users to produce evidence of learned skills, or demonstrate existing skills towards independent living.

Service users can choose the level they want to do, or they can complete all three - its entirely up to them. An NCHA certificate is issued for successful completion of either individual units, or all three units which make up an entire module.

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